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How to install LROSE on a Mac?

1. Download, install, and run Homebrew

2. Download the LROSE-core formula lrose-core.rb

3. In a terminal, install lrose-core:

brew install lrose-core.rb

Important Note: If users have the previous versions of lrose installed, please uninstall them first before install the new version.

brew uninstall lrose-core
brew uninstall lrose-cyclone
brew uninstall lrose-blaze

HawkEye and wind tools (VORTRAC, SAMURAI, FRACTL) installation

Users are not required to install HawkEye, VORTRAC, SAMURAI, and FRACTL to run LROSE, unless users are in need of these tools. However, these tools depend on installing lrose-core first.

Download the disk images:

Important Note: All disk images are only for MacOS 10.15.

  • VORTRAC (Vortex Object Radar Tracking and Circulation) installation:
There are two ways to install VORTRAC:
In a terminal, type:
brew install lrose-vortrac.rb
The code for VORTRAC can be found at:

Users are suggested to install VORTRAC via lrose-vortrac formula if their MacOS systems are below 10.15.

  • SAMURAI (Variational multi-Doppler retrieval and analysis package) installation:
brew install lrose-samurai.rb
The code for SAMURAI can be found at:

  • FRACTL (Fast Reorder and CEDRIC Technique in LROSE multi-Doppler retrieval) installation:
brew install lrose-fractl.rb

4. You are done with the installation! The LROSE apps will be under: /usr/local/bin/RadxConvert . Go to the documentation to learn how to run LROSE tools!